Tilt. Slide. Recline.

The only pet barrier that moves with your seat.

Easy to assemble and install! Guaranteed to fit!

Worth Every Penny!

It was easy to install and it is easy to take down and put back up. Keeps our gymnastic 60 lb. lab puppy in the back. Is quiet and doesn’t rattle when we drive. What a great buy!

— Shannon M., Tucson, AZ

Easy to Assemble

This is a simple but ingenious product. The sides slide like a trombone and it bungees in place around the headrests. It was very easy to install; after I figured it out, it took about two minutes to adjust.

– Rose B

Guaranteed Fit

The ZooKeeper was a great solution. Perfect size and it allows you to move seats around easily. The shape is perfect for our SUV and now Jake stays in the back where he belongs.”

– J. Sullivan


This is a great product! …For us this barrier is perfect. It’s very easy to switch from car to car!

– Megan


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Innovation at Work

Purchased The Zookeeper recently and I could not be happier. It 100% works, looks good and it’s a cinch to install. My wife calls it nothing short of a miracle since everything else failed – we have 2 very jumpy Terriers: a Jack Russell and a mid-size 25 pound Catahoula. … In this day and age of fraud and internet shopping, it is refreshing to find a company that is driven by innovation while standing 100% behind their product and supporting it with strong customer service ethos.

– C. Tugain

Keeping Jake in the Back

Recently bought a Chevy Traverse after trading in a Dodge Magnum. The pet barrier we had in the Magnum didn’t fit the Traverse well and we needed something that would allow us to take advantage of the flexible seating in the Traverse. The ZooKeeper was a great solution. Easy to install without damaging the roof liner or the storage area. Perfect size and it allows you to move seats around easily. The shape is perfect for our SUV and now Jake stays in the back where he belongs.

– J. Sullivan

Finally, Someone Has Come up with a Barrier That Works!

Looked forever for the right barrier to keep my 3 JRT’s in the back of my Equinox…finally bought the tension-type with a door. Tough to install, the little terrorists could crawl underneath and make their way to the front. So started the search again. This one came, installed myself in about 4 minutes, and it is absolutely the perfect barrier. No rattles while driving, dogs don’t even mind it since they can still be close to the front seats and me. It is just how described too, moves with the seats, is lightweight, and looks good too. Highly recommend buying this one, you will love it and so will the dog(s)!

– R. Spina

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ZooKeeper USA is a family owned business based in Washington State. My name is Spring Faussett and I’m the inventor of The ZooKeeper. The ZooKeeper was born out of necessity. Learn More​​

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