Rave Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Works great! I have had this for about one year. I bought it as soon as I bought my 2011 Lexus, as I knew I did not want my American Eskimo and all of his fur in the front helping me drive. Additionally, I have this paranoia about cargo hitting the passengers if there’s an auto accident… I have never uninstalled this, and keep it up at all times – because you never know when your cargo may hit you in the back of the head! OK not really 🙂 But I’m cautious.

– A. Siegle

Innovation at work! Purchased The Zookeeper recently and I could not be happier. It 100% works, looks good and it’s a cinch to install. My wife calls it nothing short of a miracle since everything else failed – we have 2 very jumpy Terriers: a Jack Russell and a mid-size 25 pound Catahoula. … In this day and age of fraud and internet shopping, it is refreshing to find a company that is driven by innovation while standing 100% behind their product and supporting it with strong customer service ethos. – C. Tugain

– C. Tugain

Expensive, but it works. We installed this in a 2009 Mazda 3 hatchback. It was very easy to install and stays in place very well. It does its job; keeping our three dogs in the back. . – C. Heller

– C. Heller

Awesome! This product is awesome and does just what it says! I had a slight issue with it at first — one piece didn’t want to connect to another–, contacted the company, was immediately issued a replacement — at no shipping cost to me –, and was later sent a shipping label to return the first ZooKeeper. THAT is customer service!!! You couldn’t ask for better customer service/satisfaction! Back to the product… it’s simple, easy to install/use, easy to remove when needed, lightweight yet durable, and attractive. Works great with my 90 pound Golden Retriever! 🙂 Thanks!!! – A.M.

– A. M.

The best doggie car barrier/ pet gate. I have used several different kinds of pet barriers over the past few years, as I have 2 large Weimaraners, who if they had their choice would be sitting in my lap as I drive. Anyhoo, this product is fantastic!!! It’s light, easy to install (one person can do it), it’s easy to remove and store …And the best part is that because it’s attached to the back of the front seats, it also moves with the seats – there is nothing blocking the forward or backward movement of the front seats. Another great thing is that there are no little screws to tighten or loosen and it’s so quiet!! No rattles or squeaking noises!!! If you’ve been searching high and low for that perfect doggie car gate/barrier … then you’ve found it!! Enjoy!!!  – S. McIntyre

– S. McIntyre

Brilliant product! No more nose prints on the front windshield! This is a simple but ingenious product. The sides slide like a trombone and it bungees in place around the headrests. It was very easy to install; after I figured it out, it took about two minutes to adjust. It doesn’t rattle or move and keeps my two 37 lb. dogs in the back of my CRV. I’ve moved it into another car in just minutes. The price is good and the product really works. Nice! – Rose B.

– Rose B.

THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME!! LOOK NO FURTHER FOR THE RIGHT BARRIER!!! This product is AMAZING! Like many of you, I am sure, I searched and searched for the perfect barrier to keep my 95 pound, 2-year-old lab in the back of my SUV and out of my lap (which is where he thought he needed to be). After an exhaustive search, I bought one of the traditional, tension-style tubular barriers from Midwest. Let me tell you … IT WAS CRAP!! Not all of the pieces were in it, the bars slid everywhere, and my dog quickly found out how to push his head through them on a 2-hour drive. When I found this barrier, it looked much easier. The other was a pain to put together and then even more of a pain to install in the car by myself. I put the zookeeper together in literally 40 seconds and then installed it in about 2 minutes (I had to figure out the straps which took all of 5 seconds). This is perfect….it moves with the seats just like it says, it stays in place (the other almost hit me in the back of the head when I stopped), and it keeps him in the back. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for a good barrier. It is incredibly light yet still does the job. … I LOVE this product and have recommended it to friends already. Buy it and you won’t regret it!!!!!!!!”
– R. X.

– R. X.

Keeps my pup confined. Easy to assemble and install. As in previous reviews, have a couple extra bungy cords available to help secure it in place. It keeps my 1 year old Lab from jumping on my truck console and out of the front seat when I leave the truck. She has not attempted to get through it or fuss over it at all.

– Steve C.

YAY! I feel safe bringing the baby in the car with the dog! This is a great product! …For us this barrier is perfect. It’s very easy to switch from car to car!

– Megan

Works great, simple design. The Zookeeper was a great investment. It was easy to install and it is easy to take down and put back up. Keeps our gymnastic 60 lb. lab puppy in the back. It’s quiet and doesn’t rattle when we drive. What a great buy! – S. Mead

– S. Mead

Saved my SUV! Silly me. I bought a new SUV and a new puppy around the same time. This puppy is a large 8-month-old Doberman who was bought to be a companion to my medium size 70 lb. Lab. I’ve never had a dog with separation anxiety before so when I left them both in the car to do some grocery shopping, I was upset, to say the least, to find damage to my car. He ate my windshield wiper lever, pulled the knobs off my stereo and other console buttons, chewed the leather off the gear shift, and chewed part of the leather off the steering wheel. After searching for weeks online and in the stores, I finally found this and think I may be able to save the rest of my SUV from Doberman damage. Since installing, he has eaten through the rear seat belts (sigh) but my front ones have been saved thanks to the Zookeeper. – R. Raemey

– R. Raemey

Keeping Jake in the Back. Recently bought a Chevy Traverse after trading in a Dodge Magnum. The pet barrier we had in the Magnum didn’t fit the Traverse well and we needed something that would allow us to take advantage of the flexible seating in the Traverse. The ZooKeeper was a great solution. Easy to install without damaging the roof liner or the storage area. Perfect size and it allows you to move seats around easily. The shape is perfect for our SUV and now Jake stays in the back where he belongs.” – J. Sullivan

– J. Sullivan

Great gate for rear of small SUV I did SO much research on dog gates before settling on this one, and I have to say that I’m not at all disappointed. Because this gate hooks onto the headrests of the seats, it doesn’t have many of the same problems with staying in place that I saw on other models. I didn’t like the wire ones that looked too much like a cage. I heard that the netting ones were too hard to keep in place (double-stick tape comes undone) and I heard mixed reviews on the trombone models with the tension mount. Many people complained that the tension mount was never secure enough. By bungee-cording the gate right onto the headrests, this one bypassed all those issues. We were able to adjust the bungees for a nice tight fit and it hasn’t so much as wobbled since we set it up two weeks ago. I really like this one because the trombone style allows for great visibility, doesn’t feel too much like a cage (passengers in the backseat can still pet the dog if they want) and it fits perfectly in our Honda CRV (a compact SUV). The directions suggest you can use this for the backseat of a car… But in the rear section of an SUV, this worked perfectly! … I left her in the car (in the shade with the windows cracked and water…) for about an hour while I ran errands, and she was perfectly content sitting behind this gate.  – Claire M.

– Claire M.

FINALLY, SOMEONE HAS COME UP WITH A BARRIER THAT WORKS! Looked forever for the right barrier to keep my 3 JRT’s in the back of my Equinox…finally bought the tension-type with a door. Tough to install, the little terrorists could crawl underneath and make their way to the front. So started the search again. This one came, installed myself in about 4 minutes, and it is absolutely the perfect barrier. No rattles while driving, dogs don’t even mind it since they can still be close to the front seats and me. It is just how described too, moves with the seats, is lightweight, and looks good too. Highly recommend buying this one, you will love it and so will the dog(s)!”  – R. Spina

– R. Spina

WOW! So Easy and keeps the dog in the backseat

First, I don’t write reviews but I had to on this product. I have a 65 lb doberman/shepard mix, who is VERY high energy-(read she’s a spaz). When riding in the car, she is usually bouncing between the seats, chasing the windshield wipers or getting nose prints on the windshield, or scratching the dash when I make a turn. Once, she was in the back cargo area of my SUV when I rolled down the window. She was so excited she bounded from the back to the front and launched herself right through the open window. -That is what it has been like with this dog in the car and she loves to go. Anywhere.

It took less than 5 minutes to assemble and install this magic gate in a 2019 Hyundai Veloster (a really small car). Put her in the backseat and for the first time EVER I was able to drive undistracted and not have her destroying the car with her exuberance.

ONE THOUSAND STARS!!!!!! I’ll be buying another for the big SUV.

– Marie C.